Saturday, June 13, 2009



Yakiniku the last night
After the Fish Fry my friend Kohei needed to leave for China for a job. So I was looking for another place to stay for the rest of the trip. I was thinking to go to Kansai area but it didn't work out. Some friends tried to help me with a place to stay if I needed it around Zushi area.
So i went back to Zushi with Kohei. By chance I checked my email at Kohei's house.(normally I don't check email on vacation) I received an email from Naomi saying if I need someone to show me around or a place to stay let me know. She lives in the Shonan area in Yuigahama. It's so close to Kohei's house. I told her my situation and she said I could stay with her, no problem.
Naomi helped me with the rest of my trip. She took good care of me and made it easy for me. She took me to surf Yoshizaki which was more fun than Shizunami wave and less crowded. I got to ride bikes to get around a little this time. That was fun because usually I'm taking the train or bus or taxi. I got lost on the train by myself a couple of times this trip though. That was a little tough but everyone was really nice to me and helped me a lot. So many stories, I can't say it all here. Thanks for helping me get through --> Kohei, Kohei's parents, Naomi, Juri and her husband, Masayo, Koga-san, Murikami and his wife, Koichi, Daisuke, and Maira. It was fun.


chacal said...

friendship mate this is what it's all about.
Take care

Kohei said...

Finally i came back from China. How is the wave these days there? Here is still suck. Knee or less wave since I got here.