Friday, June 12, 2009

I just returned from Japan. It was a lot of fun this time. I stayed in Zushi for the first few days at my friend Kohei's house with his parents. It was fun because they don't speak much english and it was fun to practice Japanese with them. We went to the fish fry in Shizunami together and I got to meet a lot of new people. I was surprised how many people already knew me either from my blog or Yuichi's. The waves in Shizunani were fun but really crowded because of the event. Everyone seemed to be having a good time though. I met the shaper/glasser from MAR surfboards at the Fish Fry. He had some good glassing, good lap cuts. I really like that he does all of his own work too. So many people just want to be a famous shaper. This is nice to see. I met some other shapers too that do the same but I'm sorry I did not have your card to write your name here. Gomen nasai. I saw some california people there too. Rich Pavel, Mike Hynson, Sean Mattison and Ian Zamora. I had good conversations with Sean Mattison and Rich Pavel. Rich and I had the same flight home and had lunch together in San Francisco. Thanks to Cho and Jack's for putting up my boards at their tent.
Thanks to Tsutomu for taking one of my boards that dinged on the airline and thanks to everyone for being so nice.
I got into a little trouble of where I was going to stay after the Fish Fry, but everyone tried to help me so...
I'll continue the rest of the story after the Fish Fry next post.
(I lost my memory card for my camera so I don't have any picture's of the Fish Fry to put here. most of the pictures from my trip are on that memory card. Sucks! The picture in this post is at Shibuya on the last day of my trip.)

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