Saturday, December 5, 2009

I added a section to the left labeled boards to make it easier to look at my boards. They are selected by model or shape name.
Not everything makes this blog so if you have seen it somewhere it might not be here. I make all kinds of boards and do not make a new model every time I shape a new board. I like to experiment with different ideas all of the time so I run with an idea sometimes just for me. It never becomes a model but I shape them for people here and there.
I will shape anything someone asks. I like shaping and sometimes that means shaping what someone wants even if it's not normal for what I have been shaping. But I like the challenge.
There are so many ways to ride a wave, there is no right or wrong way to me as long as you are having fun.

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masa said...

I like this principle. I am getting a little used to the 6 foot board I bought from you. Slow improvement of my riding but having lots of fun!