Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shape off honoring Dick Brewer at Sacred Craft. Dick Checking the results.
2x World Long boarding champion Jen Smith stopped by for a visit.
My old boss Chris Christenson stopped by to see what's happening. It was good to see Chris. I don't get to see him as much now a days since he is in San Marcos now.
Chris checking the results of the shape off. He was one of the judges chosen to to decide the winner. Chris shaped under Brewer for a while so he knows the boards well.
Toru's always in a good mood.
Maricio Avila. Maricio has been a friend of mine for a long time. We used to work together at Joe's for a while. He now owns and operates Avila surfboards out of Oceanside, CA.
Bob Mitsven is such a nice guy. He always makes me feel comfortable in these crowded situations. Bob and Rick are some of the most humble guys in the business.
South Coast shaper Robin Prodonovich. David is the air brusher for South Coast as well as Mitsven surfboards. I think South Coast had the best airbrush boards of the show.

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chacal said...

good to see this people on your blog.
Humble are Prodanovitch and Mitsven, so are you twin bro. And finest craftmen in the area too. My RP (remember the dark green one with the yellow stripe first board ever I did at the Ropers) still surf and everytime I thanks Prodanovitch to be such a great shaper.
Mauricio still the same, awesome!
keep on rockin'