Sunday, October 4, 2009

G+S had their 50th anniversary party last night at The Wave House in Mission Beach. Most of the shapers in San Diego that have been around for a while went through G+S at some time or another. Guys like Skip Frye, Mike Hynson, Rusty Presindorfer, Hank Warner, Kevin Connelly, and so on all went through G+S. Their is to many shapers to list all of them, sorry for the ones I didn't say. It was a good night of celebrating their history in the San Diego surfing community.

Some of Joe Ropers collection. He has one of the best collections of old boards.
Donna Frye
I used to work for Joe Roper a while back for about five years. I've always had respect for him since I met him and started working for him. He used to get invited to surf the Pipeline contests back in the day. Take a walk through his factory and you can see the photos of him charging back then. Thanks for everything Joe.
Me and Mina in front of Joe's boards. The poster on the ground is Joe Roper about to pull in to a pipeline barrel.

Boone, Masa and Takashi.
Sam Cody with his award.
Jo Jo Roper
John Haffey

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chacal said...

it looks like a cool party.
Damn JoJo has grown a man now, where is the poor fella eating shit at the Joe ropers shack?

Got to come back and pay a visit.