Thursday, May 21, 2009

We finished my personal 5'8" Quad fish. It's laminated with a 4oz bottom and a double 4oz deck and glass on Geppy quads. I came up with this lamination to look a little different than the rest.
As soon as we get some waves I'll be trying it out.
Shape,lamination, and fin work by me. Sand, gloss and polish by Dennis.


eiji said...

Hi Michael,

How r u doing? I missed a call from Koga-san with you. How was the "Oton" restaurant?

Do you come up with some idea for the board from following concept?

+ Target wave = 2-3ft to 5-6ft
(Main use of small condition)
+ Length = around 5'2" - 5'4"
+ Type = btw performance & fish
+ Super fast take off
+ Name = "blue fire 1" :)

I've started to save money into secret account :)

Eiji (email to: efujino@gmail.com)

eiji said...

I forgot to add one more keyword...

"break the rule"

How about that?


zonkout said...

cool!I love your design and color.

Rui said...

Wow! GREAT Work!!!

Take Care

Factory Surfin said...

Thanks !!