Thursday, March 19, 2009

I  had a new website made a little while back with the help of creative mastermind Todd McWethy and Collaboration Reverberation. The site came out really good. I have been meaning to post it on here but I was waiting to update the about page. My fault for lagging. 
CR also has a new site up now too.  http://www.thecrstudio.com/
My new site still has the same address with a new look and feel. Check it out at  http://www.mmillersurfboards.com/
Thanks for all the help Todd!


trimchris said...

really nice website, im lovin it. well done. youre boards and glassjobs are frickn killer too. greez chris

Rui said...

The new website looks pretty cool, very well done.

Take Care


Factory Surfin said...

Thanks Trimchris and Rui for having a look.
Thanks for visiting the blog too!