Monday, January 19, 2009

We just finished these Skip Frye boards for Waves Forever. There were a few more to go with these, they just didn't make the photo. Skip's boards are always fun to work on. He is such a kind person and my favorite neighbor.


Masaki said...

Hello! I am Masaki. Thank you for splendid work.
I look forward to the arrival of the board.
The work of the craftsman of San Diego is splendid.
I feel a pride for work.
Yuichi talked to me. I "do your work is correct, and very good work"! "I thank for your work.

Factory Surfin said...

Hi Masaki. Thanks for the compliments.
You are so lucky to get so many Skip Frye boards. I'm sure you will have fun on them.
Take care.

Masaki said...

Thank you! Michael.
I take good care of the board which you finished heartily.